Fat Transfer and Facial Reshaping

Loss of volume from tissues deep to the skin (such as the fat and bone) occurs as we age. Loss of the youthful cheek prominence and the associated ‘hollowing’ below the lower eyelids is a common example of this volume loss. For this reason volume restoration has become increasingly popular.

Fat transfer (from another part of the body) to these areas is a permanent, simple and very effective method of restoring volume. Artificial fillers can also be used for the same purpose; however the results with these are not permanent.

Facial reshaping is also performed for those whose volume deficiencies are not related to aging. For such individuals the aim is to improve the balance and contours of the face. This can be achieved by altering underlying bone and/or soft tissue structures of the face using tissue from another part of the body (fat, bone or cartilage) or man made implants.

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