Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is the process of recreating breast volume and shape following breast cancer surgery (mastectomy is the operation in which all breast tissue is removed). Occasionally breast reconstruction is also required after partial mastectomy or breast lump removal (lumpectomy), after trauma such as burns or to reconstruct a congenital breast anomaly. Increasingly women with a strong family history of breast cancer or a positive breast cancer gene are choosing to have preventative mastectomies followed by breast reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction has been shown to improve emotional well-being and satisfaction with breast appearance after mastectomy. However, the decision to undergo reconstruction is highly personal and each woman will have her own reasons for deciding one way or the other.

There are many factors that influence the timing (immediate breast reconstruction vs. delayed breast reconstruction) and type of reconstruction used (autologous breast reconstruction vs. prosthetic breast reconstruction). Dr Boorer will determine and discuss these with you at the time of consultation.

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