Breast Asymmetry & Tuberous Breasts

Most women have breasts of different size or shape however occasionally the difference can be very obvious. This difference usually becomes noticeable during the teenage years when self esteem and confidence can be very fragile. Women of all ages may feel self conscious about breast asymmetry and avoid wearing revealing clothes or swimwear.

Surgery can improve or correct the differences between the breasts. You may require surgery on one breast or both. A variety of procedures may be used to correct breast asymmetry. These include breast augmentation; breast reduction and breast lift (see side menu to the left). Dr Boorer will discuss the options with you and together you will choose the procedure that best suits your situation and wishes.

Tuberous breasts differ from normal breasts in that they tend to be small with narrow, constricted bases and large areolas. The breast tends to bulge outward from a narrow base into the enlarged areola in a ‘tube’ like shape. This type of breast asymmetry and shape is more difficult to correct but excellent results can be achieved using a combination of breast augmentation and release of the constriction. In severe cases an initial operation may be required to expand the constricted breast tissue and skin prior to the augmentation stage.